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The Multi-layer Co-extrusion Film will bring you the preferable packaging choice!


Why does Multi-layer Co-extrusion Film packaging can be more environment protection?

In plastic packaging, if you want to achieve more function with the packaging materials, it often has to composite several kinds of composite materials together to achieve the required functionality. But now, the health issues of composite materials is more and more to get the people's attention, the disoperation to the human’s health of harmful substances in the remaining trace of the packaging will accumulate over time. The current commonly used dry compound and printing packaging products have the application of various organic solvents, connection materials, and the organic matter, which all contain the poisonous and harmful ingredients, and they could not be completely removed. However, the Co-extrusion film of our company would extrude all the various characteristics of plastic particles at the same time by the extruder and composed with an integral film product. It can avoid any kinds of the dangers of various organic compounds, solvents, reduces the process cost, meet the needs of a variety of packaging, in conform to the requirements in the aspects of the environmental protection and health, so it must become the development trend of the future packaging.


Why does the Multi-layer Co-extrusion Film packaging could be more environment protection?

Because the nylon in the Nylon co-extrusion film without of possessing of two-way drawing, so it would well keep the softness of the nylon, and make the nylon co-extrusion film has the good performance such as softness, suppleness, piercing tolerance, and stretch ability, which could not be exceeded with compound nylon materials. It has the more superiority in the vacuum packaging for the sharp objects as fish spine, bone, nuts, and rice and so on.


Why does EVOH Co-extrusion Film would be more and more concerns addressing?

EVOH is a kind of excellent high barrier material, made of complex products EVOH and be used to make the barrier layer for the foods, drinks and easy-oxidized items packaging, which can prolong the storage life of the packaged staff. EVOH is oil resistance, and it resistance to organic solvents and its fragrance containing performance is very good, it can keep the fragrance of contents, and prevent the infiltration of external harmful gases. It has the characters of easy to recycle and will not produce harmful gases after burning at the same time, transparent, etc., so it is known as the green environmental protection material, which is getting the increasing attention of countries, and shows the most growth trend of potential market.

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